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Restaurant Health Code

kitchen equipmentsThe restaurant owner will also want to consider their local health codes. Being familiar with these codes can save a ton of money and fines in the long run. Finding the codes will necessitate a trip to the health department. There one can find a specific listing for the rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to safeguard public health. If unsure of what exactly must be done, one can set up an appointment with a health inspector who can explain what the restaurant needs to do.

A final consideration that is very important when determining the equipment needed is the amount of traffic that is expected. The chef can aid with this. A key thing is to consider that every item on the menu will be ordered at the same time. If this was to happen, what equipment would be needed to meet customer need without extended wait times?

What Equipment To Consider

Equipment for restaurants typically entails certain specific items. Unless the restaurant specializes in one or two particular types of food, a general listing of items can usually be found in the kitchen. Basics include ways to clean up dishes and pans, warmers, coolers, and microwave ovens.

commercial kitchenCleaning equipment can entail double sinks, sprayers, and even towels. One may want to consider a dishwasher that will do the bulk of the work for the employees. These units can both rinse, clean and sanitize dishes in a timely manner that will aid with turnaround times. If the restaurant is smaller in scope a basic sink with drying areas will be sufficient.

Cleaning can also dictate the need for a variety of other products as well. Buckets, sponges, mops, and scrubbers are all necessary equipment to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Even the best chefs state that they are more concerned with having a clean kitchen rather than the latest and greatest equipment.

When purchasing cleaning equipment be sure to buy the accessories that will keep the people in the kitchen safe. Wet floor signs offer a warning that floors may be slippery and one could fall. Making sure that employees have the proper shoes will also aid in preventing falls and injuries. Many employers provide slip resistant shoes for their employees, or at least make sure they know where to get the best shoes for their needs.