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Having The Accessories

kitchenThe basic equipment is well and fine, but having some useful Detecto accessories can make the job of preparing menu items quicker and easier. The right accessories for your kitchen needs will mostly be determined by the chef and what is on the menu. Meeting the small needs of the chef will make him/her happy and that will make for a well running kitchen.

Knives are always an accessory that will come in handy. There are many to choose from as well. Boning and fillet knives are awesome when dealing with fish. Chef knives perform a variety of operations from filleting, chopping, dicing and slicing. If the kitchen deals with many bread products, one may want to consider getting some bread or sandwich knives to keep the fibers of the bread intact and to get a clean, even cut.

Many chefs require a wide variety of sautee and sauce pans. These make putting together the more exotic meals easier and keeps sauces from scorching. Pots of many different sizes are useful for soups, stews and pastas. Be sure to get matching pot covers as well as an ample number of pot holders to move the pots about and keep hands from being burned.

Other accessories that can make the job of getting the food to the customer more efficiently can include condiment holders, timers, cutting boards, and mixing bowls. These may be just food prep items, but when the prep is quicker, the service is quicker. It is also useful to have a supply of chef whites and uniforms for prep cooks and servers available somewhere in the kitchen or employee break room.

Hand Tools

When considering what to acquire in order to make the kitchen more efficient, many do not consider the utility of the hand tool. Items such as scoops, spoons and spatulas can sometimes be overlooked, until they are needed. Strainers can also play a large part in the efficiency and effectiveness of a well stocked kitchen. Thermometers are also a useful item to keep on hand to make sure all the foods are kept at the proper temperatures.

Kitchen accessoriesThe small stuff is what makes every kitchen great. Sweating the details ensures that the chef stays on his/her toes and that the customer always gets the very best possible dish. Delivering the dish to the customer from the kitchen is where the small stuff matters. Trays are an often not thought about items. Although a tray can be the difference between all of the customers at a table getting their food at the same time so that no one ever has to wait.

Servers can also be more effective in their job duties if they are provided with the proper aprons and tools to do their jobs. Tray stands can make a spill or accident a thing of the past and make the server more effective in delivering the food to the dining room. Other items to consider include menu holders, hand tools to remove crumbs from table cloths as well as towels and cloth napkins to add to the charm of the dining area.

Venues to acquire Kitchen Items

There are a wide variety of websites that can provide the restaurant owner ways to get the items that they need to stock the kitchen. Sam’s club has both brick and mortar and online venues where the restaurant owner can get the foods and items that they need for a well stocked kitchen. There the supplies needed for cleaning and making food can be acquired and reasonable prices.